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How to Deploy CSI Agents

The following guide walks you through the process of deploying the Secunia Agent to remote clients on the domain.

The agent is a remote executable that runs as a service on the remote client. It scans the machine and reports information to Secunia, who determines the state each program and marks it accordingly. Finally, Secunia sends this information to the CSI Console.

  1. From the CSI Console, select Patch > Agent Deployment
  2. Select "Create CSI Agent Package"
  3. From here, you can re-name the package, add a description, or add a reference id.

    After modifying the package, Select "Next"

  4. Note: If you wish to use the default settings, uncheck "edit Package Content" and skip to step 6

  5. If you wish, you can add additional installers or modify the execution script.

    Once completed, select "Next"
  6. You can modify the install path of the agent (Default path is "C:\Programs Files").

    Once done, select "Next"
  7. You can configure the package to apply to different system types, special rules, or language settings.

    Once configured, select "Publish"
  8. Select the computer group you wish to approve the package for and select "OK"

On the remote client...

  1. Open Windows Update and select "Check for updates"
  2. You should see the CSI Agent installer, select "Install updates"